Authortube Tea Tag : Words Matter!

So I’ve seen this tag show up a few times on Authortube. And I’ve noticed that the new term for gossip or blatant complaints is to say “hot tea.” So here is my mini rant on something that bothers me.
Words Matter. As a writer or author this should be a pretty easy to understand concept. So when other writers or authors or aspiring authors say things like “Don’t you want to do this the REAL way?” “Oh no, I only read REAL books.” “Don’t you want to get a REAL book deal.” I want to correct them.

My books are real. They were real when they were digital only. They are tangible now that they are in print, but they are just as real as they were before.

Now if someone does all of the research and decides that they want a traditional book publishing deal, OK good for you. But understand that phrase “traditional book publishing deal” is what that is. Not “real” not “normal.” It’s traditional.

Self-published authors and authors published on independent presses are real authors. Their books are real books.

So watch your words supposedly literary and bookish people.

Ok tea done.

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