M.K. Williams is the author of multiple books. A truly all-American author, she has lived and worked across the country and now finds herself beneath the sunny, and often rainy, skies of Tampa.

Published works include NailbitersArchitects, The Games You Cannot Win, Escaping Avila Chase, Interview with a #Vanlifer, Enemies of Peace, The Infinite-Infinite, The Alpha-Nina, Author Your Ambition: The Complete Self-Publishing Workbook for First-Time Authors, Self-Publishing for the First-Time Author, Book Marketing for the First-Time Author, How To Write Your First Novel: A Guide For Aspiring Fiction Authors, and Going Wide: Self-Publishing Your Books Outside The Amazon Ecosystem.

Williams’ writing influences include a lifetime of watching suspenseful mysteries and action movies and reading Stephen King, Margaret Atwood, and Ian McEwan. For more information on published works forthcoming novels and collections please follow this website.

Titles that she has helped to publish and co-authored works include:

In her journey to help more people get a hold of their finances, she is now a regular guest on the ChooseFI podcast. As the Head of Publishing for ChooseFI Media she is helping to spread financial literacy to those in need.

Because she has found so much joy in helping others realize their dreams of becoming an author, M.K. Williams has launched Author Your Ambition. This is your go-to location for all the things you need to be a success self-published author with FREE email courses, books, and more!

M.K. Williams is available to speak on topics related to self-publishing, financial independence, and entrepreneurship. If you are interested in interviewing M.K. Williams or requesting a public appearance please visit the Media page

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“Find Your Passion” CampFI Southeast Week 1: Jan 5, 2019

Time Management for Creative Entrepreneurs” The Rising Tide Society: Oct 8, 2019

CampFI Southwest Week 2: 2020 (recording not available)

FinConX 2020 – Book Publishing Roundtable

Starving to Thriving: Artists Rocking Their Money Mindset To Create Healthy Finances

2022 Authortube Writing Conference – Special Guest Speaker : “So, you want to self-publish?”


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