Nailbiters available on Indigo, but…

For those who are fans of Nailbiters or are looking to purchase the novel, you can now do so through Indigo!

As an independent author I am always very excited each time that I see a new retailer has picked up Nailbiters. Thank you to Indigo for offering Nailbiters to your audience and helping Canadians experience this story.

I was somewhat dismayed to see that Nailbiters is being sold for $1.31 on Indigo. I have made it my mission to offer Nailbiters at the lowest price-point possible, $0.99. I have also been working with local libraries to have Nailbiters added to their catalog. As an extremely price-conscious consumer, I want to make sure that readers can enjoy this novel at a rate that I would expect to pay.

I do not know the exact reasoning for the additional $0.32 cents charged on Indigo. Perhaps it is the conversion between US and Canadian currency. Perhaps it is just the transaction fee to purchase the novel through Indigo instead of purchasing through Kobo directly.

As a consumer, if you are already making a purchase on Indigo and don’t mind the additional charge on that site, then by all means please purchase Nailbiters on Indigo. If you are price-conscious please visit Kobo directly or request to have Nailbiters added to your local library. If you don’t know the process of asking your library to add a book to their catalog feel free to leave a comment below and I will work with you to have the novel added.


Thank you,

M.K. Williams


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