Read The Games You Cannot Win

The Games You Cannot Win is available everywhere that eBooks are sold for only $0.99. This collection has received rave reviews! Order your copy of The Games You Cannot Win today!

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“This collection of short stories is a well-written, thought-provoking take on culture and human nature; the games you cannot win. Expertly crafted with poignant imagery and prose, you’ll find yourself fully immersed in the worlds laid out on the pages.” – Amazon Review 

“The Games You Cannot Win explores what happens when alternative facts start leading a life on their own, when white lies lose their innocence, when you start to believe your own excuses…” – Marco Peel, Author of City of Clouds and A Parallel Path

“Four deeply entertaining and unique stories. The author does a great job immediately hooking the reader in, enabling you to live and experience through the characters eyes. While the characters in each story are unique, they follow a theme of circumstantial human behavior. One of the stories, The Joker, is amazingly timed given the recent election!” – Goodreads Review

“Each of the stories had something to say about our modern days, some of them touching, some of them disheartening, but each deeply thought-provoking. I found that I could only read one story a day. I would then need a good ten hours or so between each story to ponder and mull over all of the implications. If that is not effective writing, I don’t know what is.” – LC Ireland, Author of Fatal Heir and Follow the Music


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