March Madness!

Some days it feels like I’m writing these books and stories for my closest friends and family only, that no one beyond my immediate circle of connections will ever give my books a chance. (I have to remind myself that this would still be a-OK and a success)

Then there are days like the ones I’ve experienced over the past month that make all the hard work seem worth it. As an independent and self-published author, I feel like I spent 80% of my time promoting my books and then maybe 20% actually working on my new projects. I’m sure other indies will know how this feels.

This past month, the month of March, has proven to me that if you have a dream and you continue to pursue it, you will see success! For all of you new authors out there who feel like you are hitting your head against a wall – keep working at it. And for all of you well-established indies, it gets easier from here, right?

Check out all of the activity that has been going on this past month, and keep checking back for more updates in April!


The White Room – Podcast

The Bandwagon

Blog Lovin’

Architects of Worlds Afar


L.C. Ireland


Read an e-Book Week

Spring Book Festival

Library Additions

Santa Rosa County Florida (Thank you, thank you!)





2 thoughts on “March Madness!

  1. Just finished Nailbiters – we really loved it! We didn’t want it to end. You are a very talented author MK. Hoping for a prequel, or something else from the Nailbiters universe!

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    • Thank you so much for your kind review! Feel free to post your review for other readers to check out on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

      I’m so glad that you enjoyed the book, and yes another installment will be on the way soon. I’m almost done with my next book and after that one is done I plan on diving back into the world of Nailbiters 🙂

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