Leave A Review On Amazon

While many debate whether authors should read reviews of their own books (“don’t pay attention to the bad reviews”, “don’t let the good reviews go to your head”), there is no doubt that reviews help books to reach a larger audience.

With each review, the book is ranked higher on Amazon’s algorithm. This helps new readers discover the book which is really what each author is aiming for. Please take a few moments to leave a review.

Step 1:

Go to Amazon and search for the book that you have read: In this example, I will use Enemies of Peace, but it will be the same process when you leave a review for Nailbiters or The Games You Cannot Win.

leave a review 1 search

Step 2: Click on the listing. Scroll down to the Review Section:

leave a review 2 scroll

Step 3: Click “Write A Customer Review”. You will have the opportunity to first rate the book on the 1-5 Star Ranking system. 5 is the best! After your rating has been saved you will be asked to leave a written comment about what you liked and didn’t like. Remember- don’t give away any spoilers!

leave a review 3 rate

When you are done hit “Submit” and Amazon will update the review on the book’s product page within a day or so.

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review!


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