Audiobooks : The Answer To My Never-Ending TBR Pile

I have a problem and it’s time that I own up to it… I can’t go onto Goodreads without adding at least a dozen new books to my TBR list. I’ve tried to cut the list back, but they all genuinely interest me. Couple that compulsion with the research for my upcoming novel, and I have more books to read than I will ever have time in the day to dedicate to them.

I’ve discovered that audio-books might be the solution to my problem. There has been some debate as to whether listening to an audio-book counts as having read a book. I say that it does count because I am still engrossed in the story and want to find out what happens to the characters. 

I’ve almost doubled the number of books that I’ve read in 2018 by incorporating audio-books into my routine. If you are looking for some great audio options for your commute, road trip, or just around the house, these have been some of my favorites so far:

When I am looking for a good audio-book I evaluate not only the story but the narration as well. The above books had great narrators that really helped to bring the book the life. 

I loved the voice actors that I worked with to bring The Games You Cannot Win and Enemies of Peace to life. Finally hearing my character’s voices out loud was truly amazing.

What are some of your favorite audio-books? 


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