What to do when your manuscript is with your editor?

What should you work on when your manuscript is with your editor?

First, this is a time to relax. Enjoy some extra breathing room.

But, more books sell books. I use this time to either start some short stories and see where they lead or save them for a potential short story collection.

I will work the cover design and marketing materials for the manuscript that is with the editor. I like to have options and time to let those ideas marinate, the same way I let the plot points simmer in my mind for a while.

Work on building your team who will read and review your book with ARCs or who will help you promote the book on their blog or podcast.

What you should not do is nag your editor. You should have a set timeline and they will reach out to you when they have questions or feedback.

It’s tough to let go of your baby, but think of this as good practice for when your book is out to the masses and open to interpretation and reviews from complete strangers. This is the first step into the water of getting that feedback and it can be scary. But embrace it.


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