The Writer’s Minute: Book Marketing with Engaging Photos

I noticed on a lot of online retailers like Etsy or even on Instagram that the new trends weren’t people posting a photo of their product with the words “buy me” next to it.

A lot of what I was seeing included artful photos of someone using the product or projecting the lifestyle that the product was supposed to embody.

I started mixing up the photos I was posting on my Facebook page to my audience. Instead of just putting up a picture of the cover with a review quote next to it, I went outside, into the world and took photos of people reading my books.

I’ve noticed more engagement on those photos. If you think about it, when this shows up on someone’s Facebook feed they will scroll through and see natural photos of their friends out doing things.

And then they see a picture of someone relaxing on their porch with some lemonade on a sunny day reading my book. That’s natural. And those posts have had much higher engagement than than any others that I have posted.

So try something new with the images you are using to promote your books. Pay attention to what others in your genre are doing and mimic that.

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