Top Reads of 2019 (So Far) : Q1 Review

Excuse me, how is it already April? Where did the first three months of this year even go?

I spent a LOT of time reading and proofing a book that I have been helping to edit for another author. (More details coming SO SOON!) Thankfully, I had several amazing reads this past quarter that I can share with you.

  1. Pride & Prejudice & Zombies: I am a sucker for an Austin adaptation. I loved the original and the modern update, Eligible, so I thought I would finally give this one a try. I was certainly not disappointed. And now I want to see if I can find even more adaptations of this classic to read and re-read.
  2. Dark Matter: I’ve probably read a dozen books on time travel and the multiverse in the past year. (HEAVY HINT ALERT) By the time I made my way to the uber-popular Dark Matter I thought I would have seen it all. But no, this was unique and amazing. I’m sure it will be adapted into a movie (if that news is already out, oops, I’m out of touch then) and when it does I can’t wait to see it on screen. I loved how nuanced each reality was and the ending was superb!
  3. Sleeping Beauties: This was another amazing read from Stephen King. from other super-fans who have read many of his books, did you notice any corollaries to The Stand or The Green Mile? I thought each of the characters was well developed and I was genuinely worried about falling asleep each night, well done!
  4. This Is Marketing: I’ve been trying to make sure I am keeping up on my non-fiction reading to balance out my fun reads. As I have been building my own business, I know there are so many great lessons out there to learn. If I can learn them from a book instead of a nasty mistake, then I would much rather do that!
  5. The Robber Bride: I have twenty pages left so the majority was read in Q1 and that counts. Margaret is, as always, amazing in her story-telling. She weaves each tale together so well. I’m so glad that I set out to read each of her books, they are each wonderful and learn some new technique as a writer with each read.

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