What Kind of Books Do You Write?

I get this question often so I am going to answer it.

I write fiction. My first novel was a sci-fi thriller, my latest book was literary suspense. I also have a collection of short stories.

Some authors will break up their different types of books into different pen names.

I haven’t tried to write in different genres, I just wrote the books that I wanted to write.

Some people will want to only write in one genre ever, some will be like me and play around.

When people ask me I take the time to explain the different genres that I write. I find that when I meet book lovers they are obviously a candidate to read one of my books. But if they don’t like sci-fi, I tell them to read my latest book. I want my books to be successful and I want them to read something that they will enjoy.

My 1-2 sentence description is: I write literary fiction and suspense. Sometimes that veers into science fiction, but I always try to focus on a character driven story.

As an author you will need to answer this question as well, so come up with a 1-2 sentence succinct description of your books. Feel free to comment below and self promote with your 1-2 sentence response to “what kind of books do you write?”

What kind of books to do you write?


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