How to Set Boundaries Around Your Time So You Can Write Your Book!

As a writer, one of the most difficult things can be finding time to write. If you have a day job or a family it can be especially tricky. But that time is there and if you really want to write, sometimes you need to set a clear boundary so that you can get it done. Here are some of my tips for how I have been able to set very clear boundaries around my writing time:
Have a set location, when you are in that spot it is time to write. That way if your partner or friends or kids see you in this space they know it is writing time. If you use this space for hanging out or checking social media, then how will they know if you are working or chilling?

Be clear with your family and support group. I will give a finite amount of time and say something like, “I need 30 minutes to finish this chapter.” Then it is fixed which holds you accountable and gives them a realistic expectation of when you will be available to them.

Be honest about when they have your full attention and when they do not. If my husband comes home and is really excited to tell me something, but I’m two sentences away from wrapping up a huge plot point in my story, I will let him know that if he can give me two minutes, then I can give him my undivided attention. And then, when he has my attention, I make sure that he really has it. I’m not off in la-la-land still thinking about the story. I’m focused on what he has to say. When you set the boundary and you respect it, then others can respect it as well.

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