How to Publish Your Book With StreetLib

I am an avid follower of Joanna Penn, the queen bee of all things self-publishing, so of course, I paid attention when she brought up StreetLib on several episodes of her podcast. My experience to date has been to put my books up on Amazon and Smashwords and call it a day. In the past year, I have added my books to the Google Play Store and I know that I have had purchases from Canada and the UK, so yes they were international purchases. But I want to be a global author, so after learning about StreetLib from Joanna I realized that this was an amazing opportunity to get my books out to large emerging markets.

Moving forward I’m planning to get all of my books onto StreetLib so that I can have this larger global reach. If you are thinking about using StreetLib, or you’ve never heard of it until now but you want your books available in global markets, here is my guide on getting set up.

Logging in and creating an account was easy. From the dashboard you can 3 options: create your book, distribute your book, print your book.

I was a little confused at first and accidentally went into the “create” eBook section. If you already have your ePub or Mobi files you can go right to “distribute.” Don’t spend your time in the create section, you will drive yourself crazy and then realize, that you could have just clicked on “distribute.”

I had to do this three times and after the first time I was thinking to myself “ugh this is so difficult, why is this taking so long.” But that was primarily user error and the next two times were much smoother and I had the final two eBooks uploaded in less than half an hour.

When you are going through the set up you are putting in all the information that you already have on your book, the ISBN, the description. Most of the detail (title, cover image, etc) will pull from the ePub file. But you still need to input your categories and keywords.

You also need to select the stores that you want to be in: Select all, then manually uncheck the ones you are already on. For me, that was Amazon, Kobo, Google, Baker & Taylor, Apple, Overdrive, and Scribd (all the stores that Smashwords has distributed for me domestically in the US and Canada) as well as the ones that I have manually worked with.

Hit save, and the title is listed as Invalid, with a big red button. Click on the name. Review everything is fine, then hit save again. Now it said “valid.”

Ultimately, I would love to have my book translated so that readers in each of the countries represented in the StreetLib ecosystem can read my work in their native language. However, that is a “someday” goal, not a today goal so I do expect that I may not do as well on this platform until I can get that done. But, for those who live in those countries who are seeking out books in English, I will now be available. I will need to develop a marketing plan in each of these countries, but one step at a time.

If you have found this information helpful please let me know if the comments and be sure to give this video a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe and ring the bell. This helps YouTube know that this video was helpful and can get it in front of more authors like us, it will also help make sure you are notified every time I have a new video go live.

Have a great day and now you can get back to writing your book!

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