Where To Save When You Self-Publish Your Books

In a previous video, I talked about how much it can cost to self-publish. To be sure each of these costs is an investment. However, for anyone who is just starting out the idea of all these costs can be intimidating. You start seeing dollar signs everywhere and wondering ‘how can I afford this?”

Look for discounts. Subscribe to Bowker’s newsletter. They do put out coupon codes, snap them up to save on your ISBNs. Also, you can buy in bulk. If you plan on writing more than 1 book I always suggest getting their 10 pack.

Editing: Do you know someone who is an editor? They should be compensated for their time. But if they are a friend maybe they can help you out at a discounted rate. I’m not saying that you should get a pass because you are starting out, but ask. Maybe this editor is looking to build up more of a cache of clients. Maybe in exchange for promotion they will agree to help you with a discount. Ask!

Design: The same goes for design. Ask the people you know who have a design background. Maybe they have a day job and are thinking of starting a design side hustle, they would probably charge less or you could at least ask and then give them a recommendation.

Now if you don’t know anyone at all with any kind of editing or design experience, there are low-cost options out there. But, where you are looking to cut off spending money, invest time in researching these low-cost options. Look at their reviews. Maybe reach out to authors who they are saying that they have worked with to validate their work. Again, if they aren’t charging much, maybe they are looking to build up a profile so ask if you can promote them in exchange for a discount.

Now, I know some authors watching this will balk at the idea of asking another creative entrepreneur for a discount. Or heaven forbid someone doesn’t drop thousands on their first book release. Having a professional-looking book is the key to sales and good reviews. But, if you have this huge dream and no budget, there are low cost options out there. If an inexpensive option looks too good to be true, ask someone. Ask me, ask anyone in the Authortube community if it is legit. Spending the time on the front end before handing over any money to do your research will save you big when you are starting out as a self-published author.

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Have a great day and now you can get back to writing your book!

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