Pros and Cons of Using Findaway Voices to Self-Publish Your Audiobook

Hello and welcome back to my series on Audiobook for Indies and Self Published Authors. Here is my take on publishing my audiobook for Nailbiters with Findaway Voices.
Releasing with both ACX and Findaway. So my ACX book is listed as non-exclusive. So instead of a 40% royalty, I get 25%. Also, when going through the set-up with Findaway they show you a list of everywhere that they will push the book out to, including Audible. You need to deselect that option if you are also putting your book out through ACX. Because otherwise the systems get confused and you can prevent the headache by just selectng the correct box.
And no pre-order option with ACX… bummer. But I can do pre-orders with Findaway. I don’t think I’ll be taking them up on that option this time around, but I like to know that I have that.

When setting up your account with Findaway, the first thing they try to do is put you through a form wizard to help match you to a narrator, like an online dating site. I had to set up an account for myself and for one of my clients. In both cases, we already had the audio files and didn’t need a narrator. I just typed that into the questions that they were asking about the narrator we were looking for and then an actual human read it and I received an email saying, “oh cool, you already have your files, the account is set up that you can upload your files now.” Otherwise it would have remained locked until I selected a narrator and only they would have had the option to upload the files.

Uploading files in Findaway was a DREAM compared to ACX. Both processes are relatively easy. They both show “opening credits go here” “retail sample goes here” but with ACX I have to click “browse” to find the file, select it, and then club upload. And then I have to click “move up, move up, move up” to get the chapter to the correct place in order. With Findaway I can drag and drop the files to upload and then drag and drop to re-order them. Small differences, but when you have A LOT of files to upload those little things make a difference.

So far I’ve had a great experience with Findaway. I’ll be sure to do a follow-up in a few months on how the royalties are coming in and any other thoughts on whether going wide with audio was a win or not.

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Now you can get back to writing, or narrating, your book!

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