My 2020 Author Goals – Self Publishing, Coaching, and More!

Happy 2020! It is a new year, it is a new decade! I am a super type-a goal setter, goal-getter. So I really love the new year to start really drilling down on my goals.

And I actually cheated a little bit because I started outlining my 2020 goals back in November. Now, that works for me. If you haven’t set any goals yet for 2020, that’s ok. You can set them now. You can set than tomorrow. You can set them in June. Do not let an arbitrary deadline dictate when you think you can start your goals.

In the past, my goals for my business have been “find time to get a book published this year” because I was working full time and I wanted to be realistic. But I mean come on, that was a weak goal.

So last year, going into 2019, I knew that I wanted to make the jump from part-time to full-time. I Had clients I was working with to help them publish, I had books that were out and still getting sales without me putting in much effort. But it wasn’t enough. So I started 2019 treating my business, like a business. I had small goals for financial targets I needed to hit, I had tangible action items, and I was able to make the move.

Looking to 2020, I am going to continue this model. But I have my full-time attention on the business so here are my goals:

-Publish 2 books, the Nailbiters Prequel which will be called: Architects. And the second book in the Feminina Series which will have the title announced… later

-Produce 3 Audiobooks: audiobooks for each of my 2020 publications and catching up by getting The Infinite-Infinite audiobook out.

-Whole host of books to get out for ChooseFI publishing

-Writers retreat in April YOU CAN JOIN US!

-New Brand – Author Your Ambition is my new umbrella for all of my self-publishing knowledge. So these videos are part of it. I also have free e-mail courses that are available. And I will have how-to books on self-publishing coming out as well. LEARN MORE HERE:

-Lock in more speaking opportunities. I have two conferences that I will be attending this year and my goal is to speak at both. And I am going to be hosting a writing retreat for women.

-But the goal that is the biggest, the furthest out of my current comfort zone is launching a course for those looking to self-publish. I will keep you all informed on updates and I would love to know what you would like to see if a course that you aren’t finding out there now.

So those are my goals, what are yours? Let’s keep each other accountable. Post your goals below and I’ll do my best to keep you accountable. And I want you to hold me accountable. Ask me when that book is coming out, ask me what my public speaking opportunities are. Better yet, subscribe to my email list and you can hit respond to my monthly newsletter and give me a dose of encouragement and accountability.

Alright, it’s time to get to it!

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Now you can get back to writing your book!

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