Tactics To Help You Write To Completion

Welcome back to Day 4 of 2020, Day 4 of the year that you publish your book

Well to kick off 2020 I am bringing you 5 days of fresh content to kickstart your year. I want this to be the year that you go from “I want to be an author” to “I AM an author.” So be sure to subscribe to this channel to get my videos for the rest of the week as well as my weekly updates. And be sure to subscribe to my Author Your Ambition newsletter as well because there is so much to learn and do and I can’t capture them all in video format all the time.

-Outline – Some of you will get super excited at the idea of an outline and pull out your index cards and highlighters. Others will huddle scared under your blankets because how dare you try to control your muse? Outlining can give you the framework to jumpstart your word count. These are the things that will happen, ok do we need to plant this seed in an earlier chapter? But don’t get so detailed into the outline that it turns into its own form of procrastination

-Idea mapping – For those who don’t like the formal structure and expectations of an outline, start idea mapping. This is my term for it, I’m sure others have referred to this to mean other methods, but for me it is letting my words just go and then I patch them together in one mish-mosh word document to see if they start to form into something.

-Dialog Clusters – What are these characters saying to each other. Who says what, what do they say, does any of it matter? I can do in later and layer in the description of how they fidget when they speak or move about the room. But if I need to get words on the page, this is one way to do it.

-Sketches of characters – I have zero visual creative talent, I can maybe to stick figures, but this has actually helped me in the past to work through the nuanced details. If you are a visual creative this can really help you to work out the details as well.

-Definitions of words or myths – I do this a lot and most of it comes to nothing, but I will name characters or places based on myths or word roots. I’m a big nerd so I’ll jot down notes about, wouldn’t it be interesting if their was a character named after this or that and how would that manifest and what would align or be ironic about them. It gets the ideas flowing.

-Word count goals – This can be during NaNoWriMo, this can be outside of NaNO, but having a daily word count goal and having accountability to stick to it, will help you reach your overall goal and set you up with some better habits to get in a higher volume of words every day.

-Timed writing sprints – If you know you only have 30 minutes a day that you can commit to writing, set yourself a 25 minute writing sprint. Sometimes you will go over and you’ll need that buffer.

One incredibly helpful way to get your word count in is to put your money where your mouth is, commit to a retreat and get it done. We have so many reasons to keep procrastinating. How many of you told yourself that over the holidays you would find time to get writing in because you had time off of work, but somehow that time just slipped away? Raise your hand. Yep, that happens to all of us. That happened to me! But if you make the commitment to go away for a weekend for the express purpose of getting your writing in, no distractions, no diversions, no kids or husbands or wives or pets vying for your attention, you will get it done. https://www.financialcoachacademy.com/inspired-words-retreat/

It’s day 4, how are you going to commit to getting the words in this year? They won’t happen on their own? So today write down what your plan is for knocking out your word count and I’ll see you tomorrow for my next video. And while you wait for that video be sure to head on over to AuthorYourAmbition.com and subscribe for more information to help you reach your goals.

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Now you can get back to writing your book!

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