Can you sell your paperback on IngramSpark AND Amazon KDP Print?

If you publish your paperback with IngramSpark can you still publish it with KDP print? The answer is yes, and I will break down the things that you need to do in order to do this in today’s video.

For those of us who publish wide, yay teamwide, we know that KDP Print has some limitations. One of the biggest is that you can’t do a pre-order on your print books. You can for your eBooks, but not print. Because of this, many authors will look to IngramSpark to solve for this problem. Not only can you do a pre-order on your print book, but that pre-order is available on Amazon, B&N,,, and the entire Ingram distribution network. You can also do a pre-order on hardcovers, which is great.

But, after the pre-order you may notice a little sign on your paperback listing on Amazon that the book is out of stock. Effectively, because this is print on demand and they don’t keep extra stock, they put this sign up with a worst case scenario of 1-2 months shipping. Yikes! No one is going to make that order.

One way around this is to publish the paperback with KDP Print once the book is live. In order to do this you need to:

Own your ISBN. That means you can publish the paperback on whatever platform you like. If IngramSpark supplied the ISBN for “free” then you can’t do this.

I would wait until your initial sales surge dies down to make this update. You don’t want there to be a mixup in getting a reader your book between IngramSpark and Amazon. There will be a natural cooling period, take advantage and make the switch then.

The cover art that you supplied IngramSpark will need to be reformatted. If you use the IngramSpark template it says IngramSpark all over it. Amazon isn’t going to like that. Download the cover template from KDP and reformat the art to fit their dimensions. Since you provided a barcode on the cover art that you submitted to IngramSpark, you will to check a box after you upload the cover file that says that you are providing artwork with the barcode on it. If you don’t they will print another code over the existing code and that will get messy.

Remember, if you are selling your books into local brick and mortar bookstores, they can still do their refill orders from IngramSpark. If you are selling on consignment to start, be sure to have the IngramSpark copies on hand to sell to them. If you show up with the KDP Print version it will be clear it was printed by Amazon and they won’t like that.

Ok, that is what you need to know in order to sell your paperback on both IngramSpark AND KDP Print. Let me know what your plans are for self-publishing your paperback and what other questions you have about the two systems.

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Now you can get back to writing your book!

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2 thoughts on “Can you sell your paperback on IngramSpark AND Amazon KDP Print?

  1. So, I just started using IngramSpark because I signed up my first author via my press, Barrio Blues Press ( This advice is quite helpful and makes sense. It works for me because I own the ISBNs and have a graphics designer craft the covers.

    However, I am only posting the ebook on KDP. The Ingram platform is not intuitive for me yet. Do you think that is wise?

    You also answered a question I had about pre-orders. So thank you. 🙂 I’ll let you know how it goes.


    • Hello, I think starting with the eBook on KDP makes sense, but if the print versions are available on other retailers via IngramSpark it would make sense to also have the eBook versions available there as well. You can do that directly (via B&N Press, Apple Books, Kobo, etc.) or through IngramSpark. The more places people can access your book in all formats, the better. Best of luck with your book!


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