What Disclaimers Do You Need In Your Book?

Disclaimer: No authors were harmed in the making of this video. Not that you would have to worry about that for this channel. But today I am going to talk about disclaimers! So I have talked about your copyright page in the past, and here’s another disclaimer for you, I’m not a lawyer. But this is where some of your disclaimers need to go. Stay tuned for more disclaimer info!

Okay, so for those of you who are watching this ANYWHERE in the world other than the US, you can probably relax a bit. Disclaimers state obvious things to protect you from litigation. In the US it won’t stop someone from filing a lawsuit, because ‘Merica, but it covers you. Now again, I’m not a lawyer, so consult with one if you think there is content in your book that could get you into trouble.

All rights reserved – this is more of a statement than a disclaimer, but remember to include this.

All person’s fictitious – I now include this in all of my fiction books. It says that every character in the book was made up and while there are many women with long dark hair and fringe bangs, the one in this book isn’t real.

Entertainment purposes only – This would be for your non-fiction books. Yes, you are the expert on the topic and that’s why you are writing the book. But you want to make sure you cover yourself. With the disclaimer that the book is for entertainment purposes only and does not constitute tax or legal advice, you tell the reader to talk to a professional for their individual plan.

DOD Disclaimer – If you are part of the US military you need to use this disclaimer with any media that you produce or participate in. It pretty much says that your views do not represent the view of the US Department of Defence. There is an exact code for this that you will need to copy from the DOD. I’m not going to read it here because it might change. Look it up based on the date that you view this.

Within the book, you can reassert these disclaimers if you feel they are necessary. As an example in the ChooseFI book, we wrote it in 2017/2018. It was edited in 2018. It was published in later 2019. We had a section on US tax brackets. Well, they change sometimes based on new laws. So we added a reminder that the section in question was based on the 2019 US tax code and to consult an accountant for any advice.

*I briefly review this is Self-Publishing for the First-Time Author. Do your research!!* On the recommendation of several people in the community I read Helen Sedwick’s Self-Publisher’s Legal Handbook and noticed two things: 1. All my research had paid off and I didn’t do anything wrong, woohoo! 2. She is a lawyer by trade and throughout the book, she continued to reiterate the disclaimer that any author should consult with THEIR attorney. And it’s her profession. So if she needs a disclaimer then YOU need disclaimers.

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Now you can get back to writing your book!

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