How do I add a second edition of my book to KDP or other platforms?

Today, we are talking about second editions because I am updating the back of my very first novel Nailbiters, and that means it is technically a SECOND edition. Woohoo! By the time you watch this the second edition will be out to the world so I HAVE released a second edition.

But how do you update this on the platforms? So when I originally published Nailbiters I went through Smashwords and KDP as an eBook only. I added on StreetLib, Google, PayHip, all the platforms I use over time. But I never had the print book available through another distributor.

My plan of action was laid out for several weeks. My first course of action was to actually send an email to KDP and to Smashwords to find out what the process would be. Right? I didn’t want to mess this up especially because I was releasing the second edition in conjunction with the sequel.

KDP – I sent in an email. Taking a few moments, planning ahead, and asking the questions helped!

So, for the second edition:
-Fixed some typos
-Upgraded the cover. For my original cover that I had done I was only thinking of the eBook so when I created the paperback I was like “uuhhhhh,” what do I do? Oh cool, KDP has this super awesome cover generator. So the spine and back were… okay. So with the second edition, I really wanted to make it look cleaner on the spine and back and also make sure it aligned with the sequel.
-I added the first section of the sequel to the end of the book as well as a plug for the lead generation short story I added.

Followed the directions from Amazon and here is what happened….
I added the eBook and Print versions. The eBook was live within 8 hours, the print book took until the next morning. I then unpublished the first editions and sent a message to KDP support. In that message, I reiterated everything I had in my first inquiry email. Why I was adding the second edition, why it qualified for a new ISBN, that I was following directions from a previous KDP Support message. Keep in mind that the same person is not going to answer all of your emails.
I saw that the second edition of the eBook was now linked to the audiobook with the reviews showing, yay! Then I got an email back from KDP saying they linked the editions and that the reviews would not be linked over. Huh?? Say what? So I responded and thanked them for linking the books, I said I couldn’t see it yet on my end so I would check again the next day and then asked why the reviews wouldn’t be linked because when I emailed a few weeks earlier I was told that they would. No accusations, no panic, okay slight panic, but just asked the question. Well, it all worked out. All the versions are showing correctly with the reviews. I spent so much time just focused on writing the next book and marketing for sales and not reviews, as you can see the review numbers here are a little shabby. Feel free to leave a review if you haven’t done so yet. Thank you!

How did this work on other platforms:
PayHip – super easy, took down the old and added the new. Boom, done
Smashwords – I reached out with the same explanation as Amazon and they said, just upload the new version. No need to create a new listing a remove the old.
Google Play- Here I did create the new version. On the details page, I was able to list that the second edition replaced the first and then on the first edition I marked that it was replaced by the second edition. Once the second edition was live, I deactivated the first edition. Within a day the new version was up and active on the site. I never really got many reviews on Google Play for the book, mainly because I didn’t push for them. So if you feel so inclined, please go leave a review for Nailbiters on Google Play.

So, again, as with all things in self-publishing. Lots of little details to manage, but it’s worth it to do it right and protect your work.

Still have questions, drop them below in the comments and I’ll do my best to get back to you right away.


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