Grammarly Premium Review | Is Grammarly Premium Worth It? | Editing Software for Writers and Authors

I have mentioned several times on this channel before that I really like using Grammarly for final self-edits. I like that this provides more detail than a standard word processor spell check can provide. I’ve also noticed that as I continue to use it that I get better. I’ve been able to spot more of my own common mistakes as I am writing (books or emails or whatever).

Late last year I had the chance to try Grammarly Premium. You guys know I am all about saving money where I can so I wanted to show you what the Premium service looks like so that if you are using the free version you can see the difference. If you are thinking about upgrading, this is some of what you’ll see.

Okay, so what are your thoughts on Grammarly? Have you used it? Are you sticking with the free version or are you thinking about premium? I do have a relationship now with Grammarly, so if you are going to upgrade to Premium AND you want to support this channel, click my link below in the description:


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