Why can’t I see my preorder numbers on IngramSpark? | Self-Publishing with IngramSpark | Book Launch

Today I’m answering a question that I get from so many authors. Even authors who have super successful youtube channels, they still have questions about IS too, so rest assured, you aren’t alone. In this video I’m going to tell you why you can’t see your pre-order numbers on IngramSpark and what you can do to still get some kind of metrics during your launch.

So what I have seen from IngramSpark is that they report the numbers as soon as the orders come in from the retailers. Some will start to filter in a week or so before the book releases. Don’t panic when you see the first numbers, they’re likely from the smaller retailers. Amazon usually sends their numbers in like a day or two before the pre-order is over (super stressful but they know what they’re doing.) You’ll see the dashboard updated throughout the month, but I always go by the end of month numbers.

One way that you can get some kind of insight is to do some pre-order giveaways. You can probably estimate that 10% of people who pre-order are actually following through on those offers so that can give you an estimate for that amount. What constitutes a good pre-order giveaway? Free extra chapter, invite to an exclusive Q&A, maybe you’re giving them extra worksheets if your book is non-fiction or a side story if it is fiction. Make sure the instructions are CLEAR on what to do. This can be some kind of form upload with their email address and a proof of purchase image. Or you can have them email you with a proof of purchase.

I hope this helps you as you navigate your pre-order and plan for a successful launch.

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