How to Sell 1,000,000 Books in 1 Day!! | Book Launch Success Tips| Influencer Spoof Video

I see a lot of videos and podcasts and blog posts with this title or something similar. And the person who is sharing the advice probably has the best of intentions, or they know the content will get them a lot of clicks. Here’s the thing. Unless that influencer or personality is in your exact niche – you need to take a BIG grain of salt with that advice. I’ve worked with authors who are about to launch their very first fiction book and they mention that on Such and Such Podcast they heard that they need to do XYZ. Well that podcast is about business and entrepreneurship, sure, but that advice best applies to a nonfiction book when someone is publishing exclusively with KDP. Is that your strategy?

If you have an existing audience like a newsletter, podcast, YouTube channel of course tell them about your book. If you have other content that relates to your book then of course let people know where they can read more. If a credible name in your area of expertise (whether it be personal finance or psychological thrillers) has read your book and loved it, ask for a quote to include on the back of your book.

But please do not ever take the advice of one influencer or one person who had a book published for them by someone else and expect that their “secret formula” is going to work for you. Don’t compare yourself and your sales to someone who didn’t hit publish until they had a million subscribers on their newsletter. Do you have that many people in your audience? Then stop comparing! Focus on writing a quality book, take the time to make a plan that works for you and your book, and don’t sweat the rest.

Oh and, ignore click-baity videos with titles like this one. Come on. A million in one day… let’s get realistic about book royalties.

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