2000 Subscribers!! Thank you :)

Wow! I am blown away, I just wanted to pop on here to give a big thank you to all 2,000 of my subscribers! I started this channel back in 2018 so that I could answer questions that aspiring authors were sending to me and give them that personal interaction, but still have some of my own time to write. And over the years, I thought I would run out of questions to answer. I expected that maybe a few dozen people would find these videos and that was fine with me, I just wanted to have more time to write. But as I’ve heard from more of you about your questions and concerns and big wins I have really grown to appreciate this community. Thank you all for sharing this journey with me and let me know what you want to see more of on this channel. This is one of many milestones I am hoping to reach in the next year and I want to make sure you are taking these next steps with me.
Thank you all for subscribing and supporting. If you regularly watch my videos but still haven’t subscribed, thank you to you too! And also, click that subscribe button!

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