FormattedBooks Review | Infinite-Infinite Book Makeover | Book Interior Formatting Makeover

Thank you FormattedBooks for this makeover!
Have your book formatted by them (eBook AND Print):

I liked the version I created and I stand by the formatting that I provided others when I offered that service. But once my baby girl arrived, my time was at too much of a premium to be able to offer this service. I needed to find a solution for my clients and for those who ask me for advice, and quickly. Then I found FormattedBooks. Several of the authors I worked with have had their interiors done by this team and I was happy to keep recommending them. In the interim, I didn’t have any new books ready for formatting… yet. The awesome team at FormattedBooks offered to give The Infinite-Infinite a little makeover to which I said, “ummm yeah!”

Expect more than one design round. Any time you are working with a designer expect some back and forth. If you were asking for one image to be created that would be the expectation. They are taking a 200+ page document and putting it into a designed format, expect at least 2 rounds. I will say with each round the team made the exact edits I requested and got them back to me within a few business days. To that end, don’t expect to purchase and submit the info on Monday and have perfect finished files to upload the next day. I see many authors on forums complain that IngramSpark didn’t get back to them in 30 minutes, or their cover designer didn’t respond within the hour and they should try to find a new designer. Have realistic expectations. Now, if a week goes by and you hear nothing, say something. Thankfully FormattedBooks never kept me hanging, they got back to me quickly and answered my questions every step of the way.

Submitting corrections for each round was very easy. And thankfully the team did such a great job that there were only minimal items so I only needed a few rounds.

But the final test was uploading. Did the manuscript get approved by the different platforms on the first try?

Moving forward, when I have edits to make I know it will cost me a couple dollars with each edit. Namely, I expect to have to add to my list of “other works” at the beginning and potentially my call to action at the end. The team has a very fair price for content changes: The minimum charge for each round of content revision submissions is $10 USD which includes up to 5 changes. Each additional revision per submission is $2 USD each.

So here is where I am making some big announcements. Moving forward I’m not going to offer formatting services anymore. I plan to refer people to FormattedBooks. Their quality is amazing and their prices are more than reasonable. For authors who have a frugal budget and the time to try and figure this out for themselves, sure, you could still do that. But I really suggest working with someone who knows what they are doing, knows books, and offers a great price. Check out FormattedBooks for your next book.

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