Troubleshooting your IngramSpark File Submission | Why does IngramSpark keep rejecting my book?

ISBN in Use: 2:13
Book not on retailers: 3:39
Pricing: 4:55
Cover file rejected: 6:55
Interior file rejected: 8:19

I love being able to connect with so many of you authors via this channel. It is really fun for me and I love it when we can all share a win. But, it is kind of limiting to connect on this channel because a lot of the time yall have questions that require me to maybe look at what isn’t working to help troubleshoot something. (Side note, you can follow the AuthorYourAmbition page on FB and post questions there too..)

So I wanted to take a moment to answer some really common issues that I see a lot of authors have when they are submitting their files to IngramSpark. I’ve done videos on using their cover templates and just working with them in general, but here are the most common troubleshooting issues I see and how you can fix them:

-ISBN already in use – expanded distribution video. Likely you are adding a book that you already have self-published elsewhere. Or you bought the ISBN from an unofficial source and whoever sold it to you has sold it to multiple people.

-My book isn’t showing up on any of the retailer sites? 1. Did you enable global distribution? 2. Has it been for than 2 business days? I see people post this a lot and when asked they say they submitted their book an hour earlier. After you submit it you still need to approve the proof. Calm down.

-Pricing – this section is just glitchy, pack your patience

-Did you use the IngramSpark template for your cover? If not, I highly suggest that you do. They are literally giving you exactly what you need. Did you save the color profile and use CMYK colors?

-Did you try to format your paperback interior in MS Word? Did you “save as” a PDF or “print” to PDF? .

I know many people are familiar with MS Word and they already have it on their computer and they don’t want to buy a new software or hire someone to format, but guess what? The formatting is the actual part of the book that people are going to read so it should look good. Do yourself a favor and use

Okay, these are the most common troubleshooting issues I see when people post in forums or ask me directly for help with IngramSpark. What other top tips do you have for other authors that you have discovered along the way? Share them below so we can keep the conversation going.

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5 thoughts on “Troubleshooting your IngramSpark File Submission | Why does IngramSpark keep rejecting my book?

  1. Hi! I have a weird error on Ingram where I uploaded my files but the continue button will not function. There are no errors in the files.

    However the first version of the files were transferred from Amazon and they transferred an old draft with a typo. I am trying to upload a revision with no luck as the continue button after the file upload and metadata check will not work.

    I contacted Ingram but they have not been helpful. I followed all their directions and still nothing.

    Wondering if you have run into this before. Maybe can I just start from scratch instead of a revision?

    Thank you fir any help you can provide.


    • For IngramSpark, has your listing already been approved and sent to retailers? If yes, then reach out to CS. They’ve been having some glitchy issues with submitting revisions of late. If no, if this is your first time even trying to upload to be able to submit the title then delete and start fresh. Best of luck!


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