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Back in July, I did an hour-long authorpreneur business review video on this channel when I hit record on the actual conversation my husband and I had at mid-year to evaluate how my business was doing, how I could improve and grow, what needed to get changed, etc. In that video we talked about surprise wins and I mentioned that Buy Me A Coffee had been a surprise success for me. As you’ll see in this video, it’s not necessarily a big part of my income this year, but it is passive and it’s growing.

Last fall when I was SUPER PREGNANT I knew my time that I could dedicate to my business was going to have to drop but I didn’t know to what extent. I knew I needed more passive income. For years I had been putting off signing for some kind of patronage option. For starters, I kept telling myself I didn’t have enough of a following to justify it. This is a total myth. I also told myself I didn’t have time to create custom content for any patrons so I couldn’t offer anything of value and therefore I shouldn’t set one up. Another myth.

So in my pregnant panic I did a quick survey of websites that allow people to support creators as patrons. Patreon is the one most people have heard of. Another is Kofi. And yet another is Buy Me A Coffee. I looked at all three, their fee structure, their set up and I liked Buy Me A Coffee the best because it was the easiest for me to use, easiest to explain to others (the name is the action), and I could easily hook it up to my payment system. Cool! Win!

I’ve already set up my Buy Me A Coffee account so I can’t show you from scratch, but I’ll walk you through the process I’m taking to add new options onto my page and show you some of the important items to keep in mind and look out for.

So you don’t need to have an elaborate system already in place. You don’t need to have thousands of followers on your other channels to get started. Now, surely as my audience is growing on YouTube and Twitter and Instagram I can anticipate that more people will support me. For me, this is a nice extra so people who appreciate the information I provide and the work I do can endorse me. The income from this stream so far is small. For months I got no supporters. Nothing. And then in March I got someone who bought an extra which included a video shoutout. Then I got a few coffees here and there.

It’s exciting to see these come in from people after I take a few minutes to answer their questions they DM me. Or people who liked a particular video. I’m hoping to keep growing this. So if you think you’re following is too small or you don’t have the energy to create custom content, don’t worry on it. Yes, that will help. But just get started.

I have a link below you can use to set up your Buy Me A Coffee account. Do it today, start integrating it into your links. Make it easy for people to find out how they can support you. It’s easy! You’ll be surprised who just dives in and sends some coffee your way!

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