The Creative Penn Podcast with Joanna Penn Guest Experience & Thoughts

So many of us indie authors listen to Joanna’s podcast and take her advice to heart and this was just such a moment. So I’ll walk through my thoughts and feelings about being on the show. I just want to share this moment with you all and I want to savor it just a bit longer.

There is a saying that you should never meet your idols. But in this case, whoever came up with that phrase would be absolutely wrong. Joanna is just as kind and welcoming talking with her as she is listening to her on the podcast. And I know in my mind that she is a person just like anyone else and that I don’t need her approval or anyone else’s to validate my work as an author, that has to come from within. But I feels really nice to know that for the years that I’ve spent listening and learning from her but I got this opportunity to share a bit with her and this community of us who listen to her and hopefully I can help too!

My husband encouraged me to pitch her and I had excuses. And for months, every time I would think of an idea to pitch she would then release an episode on that topic. So in May of this year, 2021 my husband said, “are you going to stop being a coward and pitch Joanna Penn or not?” Probably after one of my sessions talking about a new strategy I learned from her show. And I didn’t have any excuses. My business hadn’t been shut down after baby. I had some ideas that she hadn’t talked about in a bit so I could add something new. So I sent a pitch. And within, I think hours she wrote back with a “sure! Let’s book something for October, my schedule is busy.”

I had been sweating this for months and I should have had more confidence sooner. Joanna was such a pro and sent me questions ahead of time so I prepared by writing out my answers to all of them. I rehearsed with my husband. I rewrote my answers. I prepared for this moment. And then the day came and I sat down to record and we had a great conversation and then, it was over. This big moment that I had aspired to for years came and went and then it was just a waiting game for the episode to release.

It was such a fun conversation and I hope you all give it a listen. But at the end of the interview I came out of my setup and talked with my husband and he asked for my immediate reaction and I said, I felt like I was just talking with her as her equal. That she didn’t see me as “little ole MK who is trying really hard.” which is how I felt, she was talking to me like someone who had something to share, which reminded me that I have done the work and I am bringing value. My imposter syndrome was flaring that day, and it still is, but she really did a great job and I felt like I made a good connection. To me, I’ve been listening to her show for years and it’s been a one-sided friendship. But it felt like, oh this isn’t a one-sided conversation anymore. So it was really awesome.

I think back to the version of me working long hours at my corporate job, trying to take the books I had released and make them a business and finding her podcast and thinking “oh this is the exact help I need” and I want to tell that version of me that “your dream isn’t crazy and you’re going to make it happen and one day you’ll get to be on this podcast and inspire that next young author who is driving to work and feeling the burnout and in need of a change to get their author career going.”

My interview with Joanna:

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