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As a follow-on to our series of videos with Rob, our financial literacy children’s book author who decided to crowdfund his launch, today we’ll be talking with the people who actually make books into… books. A printer. Stay tuned to learn all about what goes into an offset run and what you need to know if you are considering an offset run for your book.

Today I’ll be chatting with Kristin from Formax Printing. She was Rob’s main contact when he went through the process of ordering his books. We actually looked at multiple printers in our process and Formax won out based on price AND responsiveness. There was a printer who had a lower price quote for us, but Kristin and her team were so responsive and we felt confident that they would continue to be helpful should any issues arise. So today Kristin is talking to us about the offset printing process.

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Today we’ll cover:
What is an offset print run? – what volumes do authors need to look at at a minimum?
We know that the price per book is lower when authors do an offset run, but it is a big upfront investment. Before submitting the order, what should authors double or triple (or quadruple) check for?
What are the biggest issues or misconceptions that you see authors face when they are doing their first offset run?
In addition to hardcover and paperback books, what other types of books and binding are available?
An author sends in their artwork, they have their quote, what should they do before they submit their credit card information? Will the author see a digital proof before the books go to print?
For an author looking to work with Formax, what is the best way to get in touch with you?

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