Improvements I’d love to see on the Amazon KDP Platform in 2022 | Amazon KDP Issues Wishlist

Now Amazon has their place in the world as being able to set the prices they want and basically do what they want because they are so big and powerful. But for self-publishing authors, we have a lot of different ways to get our book on to Amazon and in general, I’m sure they would like to get less irate emails from us authors so, that’s why they should do these things.

So in a perfect world here are the 7 things I think Amazon KDP needs to change or improve on their platform in 2022:
1. Preorders on print books! You have the orders, you just wait to print them…. That’s it!

2. Being able to update book description, keywords, price, or anything non content related without having to “publish” the book again. At least the description you can do from Author Central but that’s just for the (US) version, any international updates you have to do from KDP and “publish.” Like why can’t I just “save edits”?

3. I can’t add A+ content to my audiobooks published through ACX. You’re one company! It’s a single sign-on, as in I have one user name and one password for both KDP and ACX, why can’t you just talk to each other?

4. Asserting titles on ACX has a lot of scammers, so I go in and claim my book as soon as it is up on KDP. But not everyone knows about that until they’ve had a scammer sit on their book. Again, you know its me, you can send me an email saying “someone has claimed your title on ACX” and then I could say “yep, that’s me” or “nope, not me.” Just fix it.

5. Another area that is ridiculous is 3rd party resellers. I know a lot of people are selling products and making fortunes of Amazon, because I get ads for their courses all the time. But seriously, bidding up on my buy button for my $12 book and charging $40 plus shipping and handling benefits no one. It tanks my sales. Because the average consumer on Amazon doens’t know to check for other buying options. So the reseller makes no money, me the creator loses money, but Amazon makes their ad revenue so they’re cool. If nothing else I should get an alert that my listing is no longer the primary so I can A. check it out and B. either educate my reader to get a less expensive option, or if the reseller is offering it at a lower price let people know that. It’s seriously time for Amazon to put some limits, especially when some resellers are perhaps using this option to intentionally block sales of creators. Technically this isn’t KDP but again, it’s all one company. Figure it out!!

6. Send me a digest of new 4 and 5 star reviews. The world is a negative place, when I get new reviews it would be nice is author central sent me a notice to brighten my day. You can program it to not send nasty reviews. Come on. I know for some authors it would be a novel of reviews every day, but most of us aren’t rolling in reviews. Lets spread some positivity when we can.

7. I know this request would be ripe for people breaking the rules and all, but if my book has an orange sticker, can you send me an orange sticker alert. Like go look right now and text your friends and call your mom because you’re a best seller right now, but it may change in an hour and you can’t print that accolade on your book but go celebrate. Again, let’s spread the joy.

What would you want to see improved on the KDP platform if you could make any fix? Let me know in the comments below.

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