How to Self-Publish a Second Edition on Amazon KDP, IngramSpark, ACX, Findaway Voices, and More!

This week I am going to let you all in on an exciting announcement. The second edition of Self-Publishing for the First-Time Author is DONE!!

And a lot has changed since early 2020. And not just in the world at large, but in self-publishing.This book needed an update because there were things that were outdated to the point of being the opposite of helpful. KDP now offers hardcovers, companies are buying each other. And on top of that, I keep getting more questions on this channel that I didn’t cover in the book. While I wanted to keep it simple and easy for first-time authors, it appears that first-time authors are getting more sophisticated. Also, I have done so much more and worked with more authors on different kinds of projects. I had more information to include. To the tune of an extra 10,000 words. So, that’s a new edition. I took this opportunity to reformat the print interior to a 5.5 x 8.5 so I could have both a paperback and hardcover.

So how did I do this? With self-publishing we have the luxury of being able to make updates. Like if we find a lil typo we can update the file. But when it is a material update, like 10% or more change to the text, a new cover, a new trim size, we need to make it a new edition with a new ISBN and all that jazz. It is like publishing a whole new book, but with some complications of carrying over reviews and making sure the old edition is no longer available for sale.

I knew how to do the second edition for KDP: upload the new one, unpublish the old, contact support to link editions. But what about IngramSpark, and Findaway Voices, and ACX? Many of these platforms don’t have instructions anywhere on how to do this.

And I don’t blame them. This isn’t something authors should be doing left and right if they are just fixing a typo. But, come of guys, you could have something somewhere about it…
Anywhoo, for those platforms mentioned I had to contact support for each of them. In some cases I needed to ask support to remove the first edition from distribution (IngramSpark and Findaway Voices) and for others I just needed to wait for the system to sync (ACX).

So, as with all things, this took timing and planning. First figuring out where the book was currently published and then making a list of all my platforms. Doing the actual edits to the eBook masterfile, then to the print interior, and then finally for the audiobook files. Doing new uploads, and then- yeah double checking all of my new links.

It’s a lot to manage, so I took my checklist and cleaned it up for you to be able to use as well. You can get your checklist from me directly on my PayHip store or on Etsy. (and yes, there is a very small cost, which after fees on those platforms will give me like 30 cents. But i have a price there so you actually use it. For all the free checklists I’ve provided I see you all downloading it, and then asking me for help with something that is in the document because you didn’t open it. I want you to use this checklist, hence the cost. If you pay for it, you’ll actually use it.)


My biggest advice for doing a second edition is that it doesn’t all happen in one day or instance. Pack your patience. It’s okay.

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