Channel Updates and News | M.K. Williams Books and WIP Progress and Channel Updates May 2022

Today I’m going to give more of a personal and channel update. For starters … my baby girl is 18 months old! How did that happen? She is so sweet and we are really enjoying this season with her right now.

I pretty much get to work when she is napping and my client work is finally almost done, just a few books to launch that are on pre-order. This month I did get to revise and release the second edition of Self-Publishing for the First-Time Author. It needed an update since it was published in early 2020 and it’s out now in all formats, including hardcover! My plan is to do a review on Book Marketing for the First-Time Author and How to Write Your First Novel as well. I don’t think they’ll need a second edition but I am going to go get to those and release an omnibus bundle for those so that’s on the 2022 roadmap.

But I’ve been so busy procrastinating my fiction writing with just day-to-day admin and all the things I SHOULD do for my existing books that I will delay those updates until I get one of my current WIP done. Like the first draft DONE and off to my editors. Because there will always be more to do and every day that my baby gets older she will eventually have shorter and shorter naps and that means even less time for me to work and write.

So I’m currently working on a vampire novella, a speculative fiction novella, and the Feminina #3 manuscript. I think I can get the novellas done first because they are shorter so my aim is to get one done and then book marketing review, get the next done, how to write your first novel review, etc.

I’m also aiming to sell off my existing inventory. I try to be minimalist and I have a ton of extras. So I’m hoping to get these sold and just offer bookplates moving forward so that’s a project for this summer too. 

So with all of that… I’m doing a summer slow down. I love this channel and the community that has come up around it. I love connecting with you all and answering your questions. But I have a finite amount of time and I can optimize this channel and write more scripts and record and edit or I can work on my books. And that is what I have been missing the most. So I am going to post videos every other week this summer. June through August. That means all the videos I need to cover that timespan have already been recorded. I don’t need to do anything more. So I get to save a lot of time and ideally get these WIPs done and out to you all.

I do still have the goal of hitting 10,000 subscribers by the end of the year and I am ambitious so I love me some goals. If I see that this slow down is hurting my growth I reserve the right to adjust. For my channel members, they are still getting their monthly exclusive videos so no worries there. But instead of at least 5 videos a month (one a week plus the exclusive) I have to do only 3 a month (one every other week and the exclusive). I also reserve the right to come on with an extra video to promote said WIPs if I can get them done done done and out (I know that is super optimistic but my novellas will be short so we’ll see).

So I hope you all have a WONDERFUL summer and I think you’ll appreciate the videos I do have on deck for you. See you soon!

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