Claim your book on ACX no matter your audiobook strategy | ACX Pirates | Audiobook Scams

I’ve talked about self-publishing audiobooks on this channel quite a bit and you can check out all of those videos here. And I’ve also talked about self-publishing scams to avoid and things that seem like a no-brainer for Amazon to fix.

Today I’m talking about the intersection of both. Now if you have no plans to ever create an audiobook version of your book, you may think this doesn’t apply to you. I assure you it does. Because the last thing you want is some pirate squatting on your book and making money off of it.

Part of the process of creating an audiobook through ACX, an audiobook creation exchange that is the KDP for audiobooks, is that you must claim your title. The eBook has to be available for sale in the Kindle store (pre-order or on sale) to be able to claim your title. The thing is, once the book is available for sale in the Kindle store… anyone can claim it. Anyone.

Yes, even though your login for KDP and ACX will be the same because Amazon has a single sign-on system, even though they are lying to do so, anyone can just claim your book. This is such B.S.

This is why part of my strategy is to now go on to ACX exactly 24 hours after my eBook is approved for pre-order on and claim my title. Even if I don’t have the files to upload yet. Even if I may forgo doing the audiobook altogether for a bit. I claim it. And I want you to do that as well. Create your ACX account and claim your book so that no one else can. Maybe you decide to never release the audiobook. Maybe you decide you want to just use Findaway Voices and not use ACX. That’s fine. But please, let’s do one thing we can do to stop the book pirates and scammers.

Okay, that’s today’s video. What else do you want to know about self-publishing? Let me know in the comments below.

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