Self-publishing authors can’t keep up #selfpublishing #authorlife #indieauthor

Yesterday I saw a book trailer posted by an author I follow on TikTok) her name is Ivy Fairbacks, and her links are all below. I loved the trailer and asked her how she made it. Expecting she would say she paid someone $50-$100 to create it. Nope, she made it herself.

It looked amazing and she posted a tutorial reply on how to make one. I was in awe of her skills. And I also started to beat myself up a bit. What was I so busy doing that I wasn’t learning these programs? I was falling behind everyone else. And then I realized, we as self-publishing authors are constantly feeling this way. That we need to write more books, sell more books, get more reviews, learn more, and do more. We’ll never ever catch up. And that’s okay.

We’re all on this journey, and that is the focus – the journey not the end goal. We are all exactly where we need to be.

Ivy’s Links:


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