🚨 CALLING ALL #WRITERS 🚨 You have permission to evolve and adapt your craft and #writing habits

Today I was able to get so much writing in because I had an amazing outline for my new Romantic Comedy. I usually am a Discovery Writer or Pantser/Pantster. I used to always write by the seat-of-my-pants and go where my inspiration guided. Then about halfway through a novel I realized I needed to organize things, make sure it was a coherent story, and patch up some BIG plot holes. It took longer but it worked for me. Entering an entirely new genre with romance, I am so outside of my comfort zone so I did an outline. And it is working.

My point here isn’t plotting v discovery writing or the importance of an outline.
We all have a system that works for us. But we are allowed to change that system in a new season of life.
As artists, we SHOULD be evolving and growing in our craft, or systems, and sometimes we try completely new things.

Happy writing!

Also, if you want updates on my RomCom progress and to help me pick a Pen Name, sign up here: https://forms.gle/6a1cwXuAyyrPkBjv7


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