BIG Changes to Findaway Voices Distribution Fees! Earn More on Spotify Audiobooks #selfpublishing

Last week IngramSpark announced some big changes that will save authors money (no more upload fees and free revisions in the first 60 days)

This week Findaway Voices announced some big savings as well. If you self-publish your audiobooks then you already know Findaway Voices can get your audiobook just about everywhere. They were acquired by Spotify last year and if you self-publish on the platform your audiobooks have had distribution to the streaming giant for a while not. (All my book are there!)

Well, as of this month the 20% distribution fee Findaway Voices had for audiobooks sold on Spotify is GONE!

This mean you could earn a very high royalty on all your audiobooks sold on this platform.

Check out more on the Findaway Voices blog:

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