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I did a video recently talking about the importance of reviews for authors and book review services in general so I’ll link that up here and dive into the video.

I first heard about Voracious Readers Only through one of my channel members, S.D. Huston
Scheduled for Dec 4 for Interview with a #Vanlifer
Up to 20 email opt-ins for free
20 signed up over a few days
How many leave a review? – 6, some on Goodreads, some on GR, Amazon, and BB. This group of reviewers did a better job posting the review and doing so on multiple platforms.

I had the option of emailing with the ePub file attached. Or email them with a link to my PayHip to redeem a code to get the free file. Everything I know from my years doing email marketing is the fewer steps for the end user the better. But then I risked the spam filters.

I did see a handful of responses the first day or so confirming they got the ePub file. About a week later one person reached out saying they didn’t get the file and Voracious Readers told them to contact me. So VR did a great job with following up with connecting me and the readers for any technical issues.

This first group was really engaged and had a much better review percentage.

They have a monthly subscription for $30, but if you did the first free trial you get this evergreen promotion free for the first six weeks. So I gave it a try. Jan 21 – Mar 4.
How many new subscribers?: 91
How many new reviews?: 7

For this round, I really perfected my email system to make sure I wasn’t getting caught in spam. I would send the message “hey, you requested this story, here it is attached” and then an hour later I would send a “did you get the ePub file?” email follow-up. That seemed to get me better confirmation that people got the story or that I needed to resend it.

Of the 31 people who confirmed they received the file… only 7 left a review.

The ultimate questions:
Did I get more reviews? Yes. Yay! 13 new reviews. The majority are on Goodreads.
Did those reviews result in more sales? Nope.

I’m trying to not say this service didn’t work. Because they don’t promise more sales. They put the author in touch with avid readers who are nudged and reminded to leave reviews. As the author I have more subscribers on my newsletter. So that isn’t nothing.

But if I have finite time and resources as an author, $30 a month here may not be the best ROI or provide any clear ROI whatsoever.

As I am looking to start a new Pen Name for romance, I think this service could absolutely help me get something started in terms of having an audience to market to.

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