Reviews: Nailbiters

Nailbiters has continued to receive positive reviews. If you still aren’t convinced to give this book a try, just see what others are saying:

“Williams’s writing style is very reminiscent of Stephen King. ‘Nailbiters’ will draw you in, keep you on the edge of your seat, and terrify you all at the same time!” – Amazon Review

“This was a great page turner. I was hooked from the first page! I highly recommend it.”- Goodreads Review

“This book gripped me from the first page. I could not stop reading until I was finished a day later. It is creatively horrifying and you can’t help but step into the shoes of the characters – whether or not you’d want to. I would recommend this strongly.” – Barnes & Noble Revew

“Nailbiters was an excellent read; I could not put it down! I enjoyed the story and loved the ending, what a twist!! I won’t give away any spoilers, but I will say that this is an awesome read!! I highly recommend this book- well done!” – Amazon Review

“Nailbiters is a fascinating journey of an individual (Dora) negotiating a world turned upside down by a powerful alien force. You travel with Dora experiencing the difficulties of navigating and surviving in this new world. The book is impossible to put down as you ponder the fate of Dora. You will be astonished with several twists, turns, and surprises! It’s absolutely worth every second to read as you reflect on Dora’s story and how YOU would handle such situations! And the ending… Enjoy!” – Goodreads Review

“This story developed so effortlessly and kept me hooked. I thought the ending way perfect and there was a lot of hidden messages and insight that the author portrayed making it even easier for me to relate to the characters. I’d recommend this to anyone!” – Amazon Review

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