3 Reasons Why Research is Important for Writing Fiction

Why should you take the time to do research for your fiction?

1 You want to make sure you aren’t writing something that is already out there.
2 You want to see what has been done so you can think of something truly outside the box
3. This will give you an idea of what books are going to be like yours so that you can say “if you loved XYZ” book then you have to read my latest novel…

In fiction you make up what you want, but the reader will need some reality to hold on to.
Are there rules: Whether it is commonly accepted rules (vampires can’t be in the sunlight, gravity works, etc.) or some new rule you need to make those clear and stick to it. Doing research can help with this.
Technology/A seed of the truth: If you introduce some new crazy technology, do some googling to see if it already exists or if something similar exists to give your words more reality.


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