5 Stages of Book Formatting

Having written and published several books, I know the thrill of having a finished manuscript and the desire to just get it out to the masses. If you have a book ready to publish, the rush of excitement and anticipation can be overwhelming. You’ve worked hard on developing the story and building the narrative. The last few technical steps should be a breeze in comparison, right? Well, that’s not always the case. Formatting your book for print in KDP or other services can be tricky.

Here are the 5 Stages of Book Formatting that every Indie Author goes through:

  1. My book is done, just one final step

2. Hmm okay, that space is off, it should only take me a few minutes to fix this

3. I just threw my computer through the window, is that covered on my extended warranty?

4. Why is this one page still in a totally different font?

5. I give up, who can help me with this?

So if you have reached any of these steps and want help, let me know. Of the indie authors that I know, I am one of a few that actually enjoys the formatting process. I find it calming and it plays well to my technical skills.

Formatting Services | Custom Publishing Solutions | Video Instructions


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