Where Do I Even Start?

As an author, I know the struggle to find the perfect way to start a novel. That first line, first page, first chapter is so crucial. And once you find the perfect starting point it feels like the story has really come to life.

But when you’re publishing your own book, it can be tough to know where to start that process. You have a finished manuscript, but what comes next?

Well that all depends, it’s hard to give one answer here that will apply to every author. Many of the top tips can be duplicated, I’ve broken them down for you here: Book Launch Checklist

But what if you have a started manuscript and aren’t sure what to do in order to get the book finished and how to manage the publication process while going through edits and revisions?

I’ve been there before and I’ve learned it all the hard way – through trial and error. Now I can offer my expertise to you and help you get your book finished, published, and out to the masses!

Set up a consultation with me to go over where you are, what some easy next-steps will be, and determine what level of help you may (or may not) need. SCHEDULE A (FREE!) CONSULTATION


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