What Goes On A Book’s Copyright Page

Hello authors. Today I’m going to talk to you about something that is small but it VERY very important. The copyright page in the beginning of your book. If you use the Templates that Amazon provides when you are formatting your paperback, then you will notice that they leave room for “(C) Copyright” and the year.

That may technically check some box, but it is not sufficient. You need to create your copyright page to protect your intellectual property. Your first stop for research is here, the internet. You can easily find different examples online that you can copy for fiction, non-fiction, memoir, poetry, anything. The next best place to look is… in a book! I know, crazy concept with this being an author focused channel and all. But, look at what is in the book you are reading right now.

Here are the big items that you need:
Copyright with the © and date
Disclaimers – all rights reserved and no reproduction of the work in part of whole without consent are the main ones. I have worked in an all persons fictitious disclaimer as well in case one of my character’s made up names happens to be a real person and that person is litigious. For a non-fiction project I am working on related to personal finance we have a “this is just our advice, do your own research” disclaimer as well.
Library of Congress PCN
Version or Edition Number
Credit to designers


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