Formatting Your Paperback for Amazon (KDP)

Hello fellow authors,

I posted a video a while back with my tips for formatting paperback books to be published with Amazon. (Note: I try to keep my videos short and sweet since I know author time is limited, hence I’m giving general top tips and not an hour long detailed step-by-step):

Formatting and getting ready to publish can be one of the most stressful times for an indie author. Think about it, you’ve worked on this book for a long time. It’s edited and proofed and you are at the point that you just want it to be done. You want the story out there in the world and the only thing standing in the way is getting the formatting correct for Amazon.

I know so many authors who HATE this step. It can be tedious. Suddenly a paragraph shows up out of place and you think that the best solution is to throw the computer, light it on fire, burn some incense, and pray to a deity to accept your sacrifice and just deliver you a print-ready PDF already. (If you have tried this method and it worked, please let me know!)

I happen to be one of the few authors who enjoys this process (I also like going to the dentist, so maybe I am just the outlier on a lot of things). I like details, I find the process soothing in the midst of the other things that need to get done. And I’ve not yet thrown a single computer while formatting.

I’ve found that as I’ve published more books that the support and help within the indie author community has been amazing. And moreover, I’ve learned the hard way that my time is valuable, when I spend HOURS trying to learn something that someone else can do in minutes… well I learn something, but I also miss out on getting something else done.

That is why I decided the offer my formatting services to other authors. I know you can do, I know that you have the ability to figure it out (hello, you wrote a book!), but I also know that your time is precious.

So, if you have a book that needs paperback formatting before you publish it on Amazon KDP, let’s chat.


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