How to publish your book with Google Books / Google Play

How to set up your book in Google Books:
I had to request access to Google Books a few months before it was granted. This was back in 2018 so I’m not sure if that is still the case, if they have become more selective or less selective.
I added my first two books to Google Books and Google Play immediately. At the time my third book was in KDP Select so I could not add it.

When I added the first two books in 2018 the process was a little clunky, not very intuitive.
However, now that my third book is out of KDP Select, I have published it to Google Books and Google Play as of May 2018. And the process was much smoother this time.

There are prompts that ask you to fill out the details about the book: ISBN, description, author bio, pricing, content. You can fill in the main prompts and continue on pretty quickly.

Make note, there are “advanced settings” links below each where you can, AND SHOULD, add more details. Google is trying to make it easy for you to breeze through. You can always go back in later and add the detail, but just try to add it all at once.

After you complete the process you will see the new book added to your “Book Catalog” The book will be on review, it will say that it “needs attention”, but you really just need to wait for a few days to see it published.

It has been easy to get my books on there, but now I just have to .. you know… promote them….

Now you can get back to writing your book!






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