Book Announcement: Fiology Workbook: Your Guide to Financial Independence is out!

Who is ready for another big announcement? Apparently, all that hard work I was doing in 2018 and earlier this year is finally paying off as I have several projects that are all coming together at the same time.

Many people are now getting into the business of offering online courses. There are more services out there than ever before to help entrepreneurs and educators offer their knowledge online and make sure that it has measurable learning objectives. People want to learn and with the internet, it has never been easier to do so.

One of my good friends, David Baughier started an online course in late 2017 called Fiology. The objective of the course is to help learners go through all of the questions that they will have to answer on the path to financial independence. How do I get out of debt? What are the best methods that people use to cut their spending? What will I do once I have that independence? How can my money work for me? How do I find other people who have the same goal? His weekly lessons have been a big hit, but he felt that there was something missing.

The course is completely free. Knowing that people who are struggling with their finances probably aren’t wanting to fork over a lot of money, keeping the course free has helped hundreds of people already. But, we know that some people need to have some skin in the game to keep themselves accountable AND we know that some people are not just visual learners, some people need to write it down or work through a concept for it to sink in. That’s where the workbook concept was born.

I was so happy to help David take his course and create a companion workbook. The workbook is designed to complement and enhance what is already in the course. If you have already gone through the course, you can still do the workbook.

So if you or someone you know has been struggling to get their financial house in order – send them the details on this program. It can help them start to build the habits that will continue to serve them for years.

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