AuthorTube Announcement : I’m Now A Full-Time Author, Publisher, and Creative Entrepreneur!

Hello friends,
As if one big announcement wasn’t enough, I have another one. As of today, I am a full-time author and independent publisher.

So, how did I get here? I only started this channel less than a year ago and I don’t have nearly enough hours watched or subscribers to monetize it, so how am I writing full-time?
My books make a passive amount of money. I plan to write more and more and continue to grow my own back-list.

But I didn’t have time to do that with my full-time job (where I always give 110%) and while I was helping with the Choose FI book and signing on additional clients for coaching and custom publishing.

As I’ve talked about previously in my speech earlier this year and the video on taxes, I am also passionate about financial literacy and I take the advice of some of the best minds in that space as well. My husband and I have worked hard to save up enough so that I can give this a go full time.

We’ve always been thrifty and have lived on less than one income, so now I am going to focus on building up my writing income.
Leaving my full time job was a tough decision though, it’s hard to think, oh I’m making $X amount and then accept that is going to go down. In our society we tie so much of our self worth to our title or our income. So I’ve done a lot of work to move past that. Beyond just the financial work to save, I did a lot of emotional work to let go of the career and all the good feelings that come with it.

As a takeaway – what do you think it would take for you to become a full-time author? Is that your goal? If it is, what are the actionable steps you would need to take in order to reach that goal? What can you do now that will set you up for that success in the next few years? I published my first book in 2015, this big step for me is the culmination of YEARS of work.

And now I’m going to write my books, help others publish their books, and probably a lot more. I can’t sit still!

If you want to follow along as I navigate this adventure of being a full-time author and independent publisher, please subscribe!

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