Author Tools: Asana for Project Management

There are a lot of task management and project management services out in the world right now. When you think about it, each book is a project. I have used Asana in my corporate career so I found this to be an easy transition to use it for my business. I can organize tasks by project, not just for my books but also for the clients that I serve.

I can preset reminders on the business related tasks like tracking royalties, saving these documents for tax purposes, etc. If I think of something that could be a great marketing angle for the book that I am writing, I can input that as save it as a reminder in Asana so that once I get to that point it is already on my list. Automating tasks like putting out my newsletter or making sure I post something on Facebook to my author’s page makes it easy for me to make sure these items get done in between all of the writing and editing that I am doing.

I can group my projects into boards so if I want to create a larger board to visualize the revenue streams for my business (books, coaching, independent publishing) I can do that, or if I want to group a set of projects like books into a series (HINT HINT) then I can do that as well.

What project management tools do you use? Or are you still using good ole fashioned pen and paper?

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