Continued Learning and Development for Authors and Creative Entrepreneurs

“If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.”

I’ve seen this quote attributed to many different people online so I don’t know where it originated, but it is so powerful and so true.

I have always been a super nerd and I say that as a positive thing. I love to read and learn and explore new things. My favorite thing to do when I lived in a big city was walk around to museums. I worked at an online education company and maxed out the number of free courses that I was able to take.

When I was struggling with something, I didn’t back down or ignore it, I took an online class to learn more about it. As a writer and as a business owner, I want to be the best that I can be and I know that the person that I am now, is not even close to being the best.

You will hear so many successful authors and entrepreneurs reiterate growth and development as one of the keys to their success. But what does that look like? It can be taking a writing seminar at a local community college, reading a book (pretty obvious recommendation for this channel), it can be signing up for an online course, listening to podcasts and audiobooks, or it can be going to a networking event. I have learned so much from attending regular networking events or listening to podcasts about businesses that are nothing like mine, but the strategies are still applicable.

This past year I was gifted an unlimited membership to Masterclass and I’ve been able to study with Margaret Atwood, my IDOL! I was able to learn from Dan Brown. I have so much more studying to do with that program and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

In terms of podcasts that I love: I’ve mentioned a few previously but I will give Joanna Penn and The Creative Penn Podcast a call out, I always learn something new when I listen to her show as well ass Nick Loper and the Side Hustle Show. Every once in a while there is an author on the show, but every week there are excellent strategies presented. Listening to audiobooks has also been a massive help for me. My research for my latest novel would have taken twice as long if I hadn’t been able to plug in an audiobook in the car.

In terms of person to person networking and learning, The Rising Tide Society has been amazing, it is free to attend, and the people I have met and engaged with have been amazing. This group is focused on helping creative entrepreneurs, which as an author, I am!

I also recently signed up for Gold City Ventures, they offer a 3-track online course for entrepreneurs in blogging, freelancing, and building a business on Etsy. I found so much helpful information in this course.

I will have links to each of the items recommended below, please give them each a look.

What have you been doing to continue learning? If its been a while, what is one thing you can do this week to start learning something new?

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Have a great day and now you can get back to writing your book!

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2 thoughts on “Continued Learning and Development for Authors and Creative Entrepreneurs

  1. I do a variety of things. I too listen to The Creative Penn, it helped me a lot when I first decided to get into self publishing. The ALLi podcast was also a great help. I am constantly reading books on writing craft, grammar, punctuation, and style. I have gathered numerous short story collections by ‘the masters’ so I can dissect the stories and learn from the authors (I write short fiction). For subject research I’ll buy books on the topics and devour them. I’ve also got full access to JSTOR, so I use that frequently to get academic research papers and journal articles. I found it good for articles analysing the mechanics of short story writing and how they’ve changed through time. I’ll do the odd online course and I did an adult education course in creative writing at a university some years ago. Basically, I love learning about things that interest me and my interests are often obscure and wide ranging. My family is constantly saying, “Only you would know something like that! “

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