When Should You Update Your Book? | Self-Publishing Questions on Authortube

I think you should update your books any time you put a new book out. You should have a list of your current works and therefore, need to at the very least update that. If it is for a series, maybe you want to add a teaser for the next book once that is done. Pick a strategy and stick to it. Make that part of your publishing checklist.

I went through this as I moved my IP into my LLC. So I am updating the copyright page with the rights name, the address, etc.

While I am in here, I am double-checking that my list of published works is updated. I always like to look at this list when I start a book or finish it, so I have this in the introduction for all of my books. I’m also updating my biography so that the tally of books and any accolades are included as well.

Once I have the sequel for Nailbiters done I will add a little teaser in there as well. Same goes for The Infinite-Infinite.

I would recommend for any author who has more than one book out that you are updating all of your books as each new one comes out. This means I need to update the 1997 Word Doc that is used for ePub and Mobi conversions, save it as a new file with a new date stamp, upload that version and save both the ePub and Mobi files. I’m checking that the eBook is then updated on all of my platforms: KDP, Google, Smashwords, Streetlib. Then I do the same for the word document that I used to format my paperbacks. Saving the updated PDF as a new file with a new date-stamp and upload to KDP and Ingram Spark.

It’s a little tedious, but this is all part of being my own publisher and making sure that these finer details are taken care of.

How many of you have make a regular practice of updating your books each time a new one is released?

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Have a great day and now you can get back to writing your book!

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