Authortube PSA: Back Up Your Files

Today I have a spooky story for you to start off the month of October. Once upon a time and very hard-working a careful author lost THEIR ENTIRE HARDDRIVE… and it wasn’t backed-up!

Hello friends. Today I am coming to you with a sliiigghttllyyy different set up. Can you tell? Well, for starters, I have a fancy new webcam that I got for the video podcast that I am on every week with ChooseFI (LINK:

But it is also going to help enhance these videos for you all, so it’s a win-win.

Another reason for the new set-up is that my computer died last week. RIP. And while I am always fastidious about backing up my books as I am working on them. I haven’t been as consistent with backing up my videos. Thankfully I was able to salvage my intro and outro, but I lost the videos I had recorded so I had to redo a few.

My brother in law is super helpful with computers, but he said he might not even be able to salvage this harddrive. YIKES
So, the moral of this story is, back up your work. You’ve worked hard on it. Would you want to do all that work again? No, you wouldn’t so back it up. I use both a thumb drive and Google Drive. Sounds excessive? What is your thumb drive gets corrupted because you throw it into your purse and your snack explodes all over it? Hence always backing it up to Google Drive. I actually ran into an issue earlier this year where I ran out of storage on the free version of Google Drive so I upgraded and it has been worth every cent. (Except the part where I didn’t use that extra space to store all of my recorded videos… that was pretty dumb).

So, if you’re watching this and getting mildly worried that you might lose all of your work in progress – back up your work right now.
In fact, go and hit the save button below this video and click “save to watch later” and then once a month watch this to remember that you need to back up your files!
Do it!

I hope you found this helpful and that you continue to save your work. If you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe, it lets YouTube know that you got value from this video and will help get it in front of other creatives and authors, like us.
Now you can get back to writing your book!

Music from: E.R.F.

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